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The USA Photo of the Day
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary
San Diego
Aug 1
A lone Border Patrol agent
checks the border
fence near Jacumba, Calif

Aug 2
Harpersfield Covered Bridge
Tom Bower, Ohio
Nikon D300
Note the Amish fisherman
Bridge History Here
Aug 3
Heritage Kids
Patriotic Choir
Aug 4
Classic American
1956 Thunderbird
George Mock, Can
Aug 5
Eric Greene
USAF Academy,
Colorado Springs, CO
Nikon D300
Aug 6
Off the coast of San Diego
About the USS Antietam
Aug 7
Battle of Monmouth
Gene Zonis, NJ
Minolta 7D
Aug 8
Tail Gater
Aug 8
Eric Greene
Stanley Hotel, Estes Park,CO
Stephen King stayed in room 217

Aug 10
Jr. Life Guard Camp
Newport Beach, Calif
Aug 11
P-51 Model Take-Off
George Mock, Canada
Aug 12
George Mock, Canada
Home of the Detroit Tigers
Aug 13
Rescue Operation
Aug 14
Salute to a Fallen Hero
Gene Zonis, NJ
Minolta 7D
Aug 15, 16
Avenue or 444 Flags
Dave Richards, PA
Story here
Canon EOS 30D
Aug 17
Fort Point,
San Francisco
George Mock, Canada
On I-94 for over 40 years
Olympus E-300
Dick Wyatt, FL
Sony A-350
Aug 20
Protecting our Coasts
Aug 21
Antique Fords
and Street Fairs
Aug 22
Three American Traditions
Aug 23
Surface Operations
Pacific Ocean
Aug 24
Gene Zonis
Minolta 7D
Aug 25
Old highway meets
New energy
Aug 26
Detroit Princess
and the RenCen
George Mock, Canada
Olympus E-620
Aug 27
Bill and the
Jailhouse Bear
Aug 28
Two American
Aug 29
Battle of Monmouth
Gene Zonis, New Jersey
Minolta 7D
Aug 30
American Classics